Lie Detector Test Coordinator

Lie Detector Test Coordinator

Jodie - Case Manager

To book a lie detector test today, call Jodie on 0800 294 8556

The UK's Largest Test Provider

LocalPI provide more lie detector tests than any other company in the UK. All of our polygraph examiners are trained to the highest standard at the New England Polygraph Institute in the United States.

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To book your test at a location convenient to you, convenient location or find out more information on taking a lie detector test, call Jodie today on 0800 294 8556 or get in touch via our contact page.

Meeting Room Included in All Prices

The examination can be held at one of our local offices, if convenient. Otherwise a private meeting room will be arranged. There is no extra charge for this.

How Much?

Please see our Polygraph Test Packages page on your local branch for information on pricing.

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