Interested in Vehicle Tracking?

Interested in Vehicle Tracking?

24/7 Surveillance from the comfort of your own home

Long and short term vehicle tracking packages available

Discreetly Monitor

LocalPI GPS vehicle tracking provides an effective, convenient and cost effective method of monitoring a subject's movement 24 hours a day. GPS Vehicle tracking allows you to covertly and discreetly monitor the location of assets or individuals.

Because of the ease with which clients can view trackers online, vehicle tracking is highly recommended with all of our surveillance packages. You also benefit from huge reductions in manual surveillance costs.

What Do I Get?

For the duration of your vehicle tracking package you can use your unique code to access the tracker online and view:

  • Current location
  • Speed and direction of movement
  • Full history, including travel replay

LocalPI tracking systems are satellite-based and provide a highly detailed report / history of time and locations visited.

Viewing Your Tracker Online

Our private clients can login to our portal to view the tracker's location, history and reports in real time. Choose between Google Maps™ interface or our standard interface.

Available at Your Local Branch

Enter your nearest town or city for more information about our Vehicle Tracking service in your area.

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Every private investigation client is assigned a dedicated Case Manager from start to finish, so you'll benefit from a single point of contact throughout your investigation.

A Superior Service

As part of LocalPI, the largest private detective agency in the UK, each of our local agencies have access to the latest technology, the most advanced equipment, and an experienced senior management team.

All of our in-house agents are trained to the highest standards and follow a strict professional code of conduct.

100% Legal

All of our private investigation services are 100% legal so you can relax in the knowledge that you're complying with UK law at all times.

Protecting Your Privacy

All enquiries, consultations and investigations are conducted in the strictest of confidence.

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