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Facts and Figures

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Unfaithful Partner Statistics

Gender Differences

  • 39% of women have had an affair with a work colleague, compared to 31% of men.
  • Women are 66% more likely to cheat with an old flame than men.
  • 12% of men AND women agree with the statement that "you shouldn't feel guilty for infidelity if you were really drunk when it happened".
  • 19% of women and 30% of men agree with the statement "I would cheat if i know I wouldn't get found out".

Source: www.yourtango.com/experts/miss-rosie-freeman-jones/uks-largest-survey-infidelity

Top 10 Countries for Infidelity

The UK comes 9th in these results from a study carried out by The Richest in conjunction with Durex.

  1. Thailand (56%)
  2. Denmark (46%)
  3. Italy (45%)
  4. Germany (45%)
  5. France (43%)
  6. Norway (41%)
  7. Belgium (40%)
  8. Spain (39%)
  9. UK (36%)
  10. Finland (36%)

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