Financially Dependent Partners More Likely to Have an Affair

Financially Dependent Partners More Likely to Have an Affair

Why are economically dependent partners more prone to having a bit on the side?

Does it seem odd for a financially dependent partner to cheat on the main breadwinner?

A recent study, reported in the Guardian, suggests that economically supported partners are more likely to cheat than the primary earners, and that the economically independent partner is far more likely to stay faithful than the other way around.

Less suprising is that cheating by dependent partners is up to 3 times more likely in men as opposed to women (5% vs 15%).

The Guardian quotes Christin Munsch, the study author who say:

"We don’t really like inequity, and there’s probably something about masculinity that means men really don’t like it."

"These differences indicate that gender scripts still have considerable influence on how people understand marriage, which slows societal progression towards egalitarian marriages."

The study was based on data from 2,757 hetrosexual couples between 18 and 32, and was originally published in the American Sociological Review.

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