Membership Up 20% Since Hack Say Ashley Madison

Membership Up 20% Since Hack Say Ashley Madison

In light of the recent hack, many are suggesting that AM's latest figures of over 43,000,000 appear to good to be true

Ashley Madison claim that membership has grown significantly, despite reports that many of its users have been blackmailed by the hackers that leaked member details.

Recent figures on their website are showing 43.4m members - up from 37m when the adulterous dating site was hacked in August 2015.

IT Pro note that "The achievement is surprising, considering information about up to 32m users were circulated around the internet at the time."

Security professional Graham Cluley commented that:

"Ashley Madison's claims that it currently has "over 43,485,000 anonymous members" are a bit rich considering that details of some 32 million apparent members have been floating around the internet for months, and many have received blackmail threats. I wouldn't call that anonymous."

Many suspect that the wild figures are a result of Ashley Madison hoping to float on the stock market last year, however an Avid Life Media (AM's parent company) spokesperson refused to comment on why user numbers might have increased

AM said that last year's hack had not affected it's user numbers and that the ratio of male to female users also remained unchanged.

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