So, what it's like working for a modern private investigation agency?

So, what it's like working for a modern private investigation agency?

Amanda tells us about the ins and outs of working for a modern detective agency. It may not match your preconceptions!

What’s the image in your head when you think about a private Investigation company?

I did a bit of impromptu research and asked people who didn’t know where I worked to come up with one word they associated with private investigators, as a profession.

Amongst the interesting and printable words were cool, furtive, sleazy, exciting, sexy and banana (thanks Jeff).

Before I worked here, I might have said the same. My views probably came from many books, films and especially television programmes.

I imagined the detectives as gruff, shadowy men who drank hard, smoked too much and talked in wisecracks. I imagined an office full of glamourous ladies who slinked about, busy doing nothing. I imagined Polygraph Examiners to be hard faced types - cynical, and with a touch of the Jeremy Kyles about them.

The only part of any of that which turned out to be true was the glamourous bit. (Look, it is true and anyway, they will read this!)

My work colleagues - and I mean this in the best possible way - are just like anybody else. They have normal families, normal relationship problems, normal issues and all have a great senses of humour.

All the Case Managers at LoacalPI are as hard working and diligent as a doctor, nurse or lawyer. They are totally dedicated, discreet and professional. The atmosphere here is one of the most supportive I've worked in. No one plods on alone and we all have the same goal in mind – to provide the client with the facts, and the best possible service. That sounds like an advertisement, doesn’t it? But it's true.

Finally, I'm impressed with the team work here. I have worked in several companies across a number of sectors and this is the first time I have really seen proper teamwork in action.

That doesn’t sound very sexy, does it?

But really, it's better to have your possibly errant partner followed by somebody average looking, not a Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock lookalike. They're less likely to get noticed for a start.

Much better that your Polygraph Examiner is professional, warm and friendly. They will not judge you as they have almost certainly heard it all before.

Much better to have a trace team who think of you as an individual and not just a set of data to be looked into.

So, on the whole, I'd say that we're a very ordinary bunch. And while we may not live up to the sexy stereotype of a detective agency, that is something you WILL be glad of when we carry out and complete your investigation effectively.

Here at LocalPI, we're all ages, shapes, sizes and personalities with varying degrees of quirky. But working as a team, we are pretty flipping good, even if I say so myself!

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