Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!

This week at LocalPI we started the filming for our new range of videos for the websites.

The powers that be kindly organised for all of the Case Managers to get their hair and makeup done professionally, so that we could look our best for the camera. It felt like we were getting ready for the catwalk – apart from the fact that I’m sure all the models aren’t back stage snaffling their way through Krispy Creams like a piglets in truffles.

Despite the fact it was only us and the photographer on set, I couldn’t help but feel nervous. It was like my first school play all over again, except this time I wasn’t playing the part of sheep number 4.

Sat in front of the camera, I had the script prepared in my mind, and was ready to go.

And boy was there outtakes! My stomach didn’t stop hurting for days after I saw some of the reruns - which I’m sure, will rear their head on our social media accounts soon!

However we are so excited to share the finished products with you! They will all be coming to a LocalPI website near you soon, so you can see all of our Case Managers in action, pressed and polished!…. And not so pressed and polished on the bloopers reel, oops!

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