A Reason to Use Our Flexible Package

A Reason to Use Our Flexible Package

LocalPI's flexible surveillance packages are a cost effective way of gaining peace of mind

There are different types of infidelity; the one-night stand, the emotional cheater (usually internet based), and the habitual cheater - to name a few.

The habitual cheater is often the hardest to catch. Although often the motive of each rendezvous may be the same, the setting is constantly changing. The habitual cheater is always trying to evade “capture”, and chops and changes his or her plans to do so.

So what do you do when you are confronted with a sleuth habitual cheat? You can’t book blocks of hours for days and weeks at an end - it is not financially viable and also is a drain on your already low emotional resources. Vehicle tracking alone will not reveal any distinct patterns of behaviour, instead it will just show a history of last minute diversions and changed plans.

That’s where our flexible packages come into play: a bulk number of hours which allow you to switch hours up and down in line with the activity is occurring on the specified day. If the habitual cheater decides to stay in for the night, then the hours can be cut short and the rest banked for a more suitable day. But if he or she should break cover, then you can also extend and get all the evidence that you need to empower and aid in whatever decision you decide to take next.

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