A Day in the Life of a Trace Agent

A Day in the Life of a Trace Agent

Our tracing team manager Amanda talks about some of the more interesting ins and outs of her daily work

Anyone who has experienced the satisfaction of putting in that last crossword clue or piece of jigsaw puzzle will understand how exhilarating my job can be.

Part sleuth, part geek and part nosy-parker (I’ll admit to much more than part) it is a fascinating and eye-opening role. Try spending an afternoon scrolling through escort websites without learning a thing or two!

There is a real “gotcha” feel-good factor having tracked down a con artist and knowing that you are part of the process of getting that person their ‘just desserts’. Particularly when your client has a better chance of recompense. But the cases I love most are when we are able to reunite long lost relatives.

One case that sticks in my mind is the man who had lost all communication with his daughter following a particularly messy divorce. He had spent twelve years wondering where she was, if she was happy and if there was a place for him in her current life.

I was able to trace his daughter and supply the news that he was a grandfather. He went on to find, through us, two other estranged daughters. I bet Christmases for that client are a much happier, if noisier affair.

This might seem obvious but sometimes the subject we are tracing turns out to be exactly where the client suspected.

From a tracers point of view this is a lovely neat and tidy conclusion but one client was extremely disappointed. I think she wished we had caught her soon to be ex-husband in a belly dancing club in Zanzibar rather than in his brother’s apartment around the corner from her home.

If you ever find yourself in the position of needing a trace, please give as much information as possible – name, date of birth, previous address, last sighting, pets, hobbies, a photo – one client forgot to mention that the swindler who had relieved him of thousands of pound was married. This charming example of humanity had made every effort to cover his tracks but his wife proved to be a lot less shy and it was through her that we were able to supply a current address, therefore starting our client on his journey to get his money back.

Now that is maximum job satisfaction!

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