A Day in The Life of a Private Investigator

A Day in The Life of a Private Investigator

Friday, 22 January, 2016 @ 15:58

This week we hear from Will Huggins, Operations Coordinator at LocalPI, who describes a typical day in the life of a private investigation agent

Digital single-lens reflex camera with 500mm zoom, check.

Vintage, charcoal leather bound journal, check.

4 pint semi-skimmed British milk bottle, ...empty, check.

Some of the tools of my trade packed as I am dispatched on another case. But what do I do?

Dressed impeccably from head to toe in a Brioni Vanquish Suit, strolling elegantly from a Porsche 911 Turbo, taking a seat at a table in the window of one of London’s most prestigious restaurants.

No, I am watching eagerly, laying down my soggy sandwich on the seat of my Ford Mondeo as I ‘zoom in’ from outside, my hand gripped around a camera worth more than the car I am sitting in, my finger poised above the trigger.

I am a private investigator, the real thing, and this is what I do. There are many misconceptions about my work life, I do not wear Hawaiian shirts and roll over the bonnet a Ferrari 308 GTB, nor am I dressed in leather, pointing a gun at every person I wish to interrogate.

I learned quickly that the job, is only ever as glamourous as the subject you are following, and with a vast client base, this has lead me from the fanciest restaurants, to the wettest muddiest fields in the UK.

In future posts I will share with you some of my tales and invite you to follow a little insight into the life of a private investigator.


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