A Day in The Life of a Case Manager - Part 3

A Day in The Life of a Case Manager - Part 3

In this week's post we hear from Jodie Haspey, a Case Manager at LocalPI, recounting "The mystery of the runaway window cleaner."

Some mysteries are easier to solve than others…

A few weeks ago our regular window cleaner came in and set about his usual business. To set the scene, our Head Office is a Victorian build, with windows which have most definitely seen better days. We could argue that this is a vague attempt to keep a Sherlock Holmes vibe for any clients who wish to drop in, or possibly (as many of the windows do not open) it’s a ruse by colleagues to keep the office at a temperature which is better suited to the Eden Project - as the war of the thermostat rages on. Whatever the case, we are well aware that they could do with a little TLC.

“I don’t want to go too hard on them”, the window cleaner said to one of the Case Managers. The Case Manager nodded in agreement, and so the window cleaner carried on, head phones in.

Five minutes later, an audible crack could be heard in the office, along with muttered swears - not suitable for those of you with a sensitive disposition!

Naturally we glanced up, one of our window frames had cracked under the window cleaner’s vigour. A complete accident. Nevertheless, within moments of the windows demise, our widow cleaner had packed all of his things into a bucket and hurtled out of the room. We looked around in confusion.

“He’s not finished yet has he?” asked one Case Manager

“He’s probably doing a runner”, joked another.

Minutes later we heard the slam of the front door and the start of an engine. An awkward silence, concocted from disbelief fell among the Case Managers.

Did that actually just happen? In an office of Case Managers, who spend their daily working lives solving other people’s mysteries? Well apparently it did.

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