A Day in The Life of a Case Manager- Part 1

A Day in The Life of a Case Manager- Part 1

In this week's post we hear from Jodie Haspey, a Case Manager at LocalPI, describing a typical day in the office and recounting just some of her more unusual cases.

During the day-to-day work of a Case Manager, you don’t half hear some things. As much as we would love to envision that we’re all gliding through our working life with all the finesse and pizazz of a film noire, we also have our fair share of bloopers.

In an industry where people’s home lives and business decisions often rely on our expertise and quick thinking, it is vital to find humour in such a high stress environment – as the saying goes sometimes if you didn’t laugh, you’d cry.

From midnight run ins with the local wildlife (in one case, a very angry donkey), to misdirection from a stressed out client (leading to one Agent being lit up like the rapture had cometh, in someone’s myriad of security lights) we get our fair share of giggles in the office, even if sometimes it is at our diligent Agents’ expense.

By far some of my favourite stories stem from the Agents early years – like the time when Intel led us to a business convention;

“Dress smart” I instructed,

“Suit and tie to blend into the environment”.

Little did I know that one of the Agents on task had never really had cause to grace a tailor before this occasion. So he did what any forward thinking operative would do… and attended the event in his Wedding suit.

You can’t argue with the logic. It was smart and it was a suit. I was just relieved he hadn’t turned up looking like Fred Astaire, complete with coat tails and top hat - and I’m sure his accomplice on task felt the same. No one likes to be upstaged.

Speaking of upstaged, sometimes during observations third parties just want to steal all of the lime light.

One of our younger (tall, dark and easy on the eye) Agents was conducting observations in a busy bar over the Christmas period. He had settled into an observation point, ready to watch the events of the evening unfold, in what could be described as - given the surroundings – a painfully sober state.

In keeping with the season, a number of third parties were getting very jolly around the Agents position in the bar. By the time the third bottle of prosecco had been consumed by the table closest, inevitably all inhibitions had waltzed out of the door, and a lone cougar broke away from the pack.

Deep in concentration the Agent was blindsided by a buxom lady - of excellent vintage - who in no uncertain terms offered to take the Agent places he’d never been before - namely her hotel room. The Agent had numerous attempts trying to quell the advances of the lone cougar, who at this point had backed our wide eyed Agent into a corner, swinging herself off of him like an over-enthused gibbon. As a last desperate attempt, the Agent had to make a break for it - dash out of the bar and relocate to the safety of another vantage point, where he could continue observations “un-fondled”.

These are only a few stories from the cutting room floor, and doubtless there will be many more to come - which I will be sure to share.

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