13 Signs of Catfishing

13 Signs of Catfishing

Case Manager Jodie gives us 13 signs that might indicate you're being catfished

The 13 Signs of Catfishing

  1. Initial contact is out of the blue and becomes romantic quickly
  2. Catfishes have no Facebook, or very few Facebook friends
  3. Catfishes always have a sob story - catfishes like to pull on the hearstrings
  4. Catfishes have few or no photos, and with no friends tagged
  5. Catfishes won't speak on the phone or webcam chat
  6. If what they say doesn't make sense, it's usually a lie
  7. Catfishes often claim that they are working abroad or overseas to avoid giving you an address or concrete contact information
  8. Catfishes present themselves as very good looking / attractive so that you will find them appealing
  9. Catfishes often seem too good to be true - real people aren't perfect
  10. Catfishes may say they're from your home town - but they might type with poor grammar and broken English
  11. Catfishes may ask for money
  12. Catfishes always have an excuse not to meet
  13. Catfishes may claim to be seriously or terminally ill - a catfish may even 'kill' the character that they have created!

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